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Music for the Heart
HEART DISEASE is the greatest health risk in the United States, causing more loss of life each year than the seven other leading causes of death combined. Cardiovascular disease costs the U.S. economy over $360 billion annually. The good news is that new research technologies, especially in human genomics, are offering unprecedented hope for preventive measures and cures previously unattainable. Unfortunately, funding for heart research has diminished severely in recent years. Funding is desperately needed to maintain the momentum of these recent advances.

"Music for the Heart" organizes and produces world-class musical concerts to increase public awareness of heart disease and raise money for heart research centers. Now beginning its 4th consecutive year in Portland, Oregon, this project is on track to become a nationwide effort, supporting heart research in metropolitan areas around the country where leading heart research is occurring. In Oregon the beneficiary of these events is the OHSU Heart Research Center.

As the universal language, music is central to The Struble Foundation values. Music is a language we all understand and, as such, a vehicle for combating prevalent health issues. "Music for the Heart" helps ensure the longterm benefits of medical research, provides the immediate benefit of experiencing world-class music, and culturally enriches our community.
Music for the Heart
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Music for the Heart
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